Excelente Taxi

You can go anywhere at any time.

You may book, modify, or cancel any ride quickly and easily. Your schedule will be completely in your hands.

Affordable taxi fares

We offer a fair and clear price structure together with a cost-effective and dependable taxi service. Please review our prices.

Tracking & location

The software precisely locates you, allows you to track the taxi that is headed your way, and saves the details of your trip in your profile.

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Excelente Taxi app

Choose the fare you want to pay.

To fit your demands and budget, select from a choice of different vehicle and fare options.

The cost of the ride you want will be relatively low compared to other companies.

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Awesome features

Features that will make your travel easier

✓ Ability to Process Payments

It's quite simple to add credit cards and choose payment options, or just pay with cash.

✓ Easy to use

It takes just a few simple steps to order a taxi: open our app, choose your location, enter your destination, choose the kind of car, and choose your preferred method of payment.

✓ Track Driver Progress

You can track the taxi comming to you and all the way to your destination. 

At the end, the app will save your trip detail in your profile, and you can use it o make future reservations.

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✓ Rate your drivers

At the conclusion of each trip, You will be able rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars. Your rating will reflect the quality of service you think that particular driver provided. The specific rating you give won't be revealed .

✓ Trip Status Updates

Your assigned driver's photo, name, ID, car model, color, and car license plate will be attached to a short message that you will receive. You will also receive updates and notifications continuing ahead..

✓ Call the driver or the dispatcher

You can easily call the driver or dispatcher directly from the app; since they are very familiar with your ride, they are prepared to assist you at every turn.

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Why should you choose us?

Our drivers are courteous and able to ensure your safety and comfort while providing a local or long distance transportation.

  • You can Book and manage trips the way you want
  • You can Reserve in advance by app or by phone
  • You can Schedule multiple rides by app or by phone.
  • you view the real time vehicle location and trip updates
  • 24/7 customer support y calling (809) 788.3000
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What the app looks like

Features and use of the application, from starting it to finalizing the order for a service.

Awesome team

We assemble a great team of customer service professionals that are trained and capable of solving any issue you may have with your trip.

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Julio Angel Duran


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Argenis Sosa


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Algenys Martin

Accounting Manager

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Cristhian Rivera

Advertising Manager

Our Rates 

Pay precisely what is reasonable and quit subsidizing foreign companies by not paying surge pricing. Our pricing are really great.



  • $100.00 the first 3 Km
  • $20 each additional Km
  • 1 - 3 passengers
  • 2 - 3 medium-size bags
  • waiting time not included
  • stops and tolls not included



  • $150 the first 3 Km
  • $20 each additional Km
  • 1 - 3 pasengers
  • 2 - 3 medium size bags
  • waiting time not included
  • stops and tolls not included



  • 300 the first 3 Km 
  • $25 each additional km 
  • 1 -7 passengers
  • 1 - 4 bags
  • waiting time not included
  • stops and tolls not included

Clients Testimonial

a sincere recommendation of our service and product from clients or colleagues who have benefited from or succeeded as a result of work we have done for them.

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For more information you can contact us or visit us.

  • (809) 788-3000 / (809) 593-8000
  • Excelentetaxi@Gmail.com
  • Calle Bonaire Esq. San Vicente, Plaza Bonaire, 3er Nivel.